25/07/2017 - 200th embryoflush

Six week since the 111th embryo was flushed and the next big number is cracked! Last week we had the 200th embryoflush this year. 

200 embryoflushes

125 flushed embryos - recovery rate 62,5%

105 grown embryos - rate of growth 84%

We are very proud of these improved results. However, the season of embryoflushing is not yet over, six other embryoflushes will take place only today.

17/06/17 - ET-foal at Crown Reitponyzucht

Today a stallion at Crown Reitponyzucht in Dätgen was born. He is a product of embryo transfer. Mother of the little stallion is the two-times state champion and FEI-winner state premium mare CROWN WISHING WELL (by FS Don't Worry), father the vice federal champion DIAMOND TOUCH. Haflinger mare WANIA acts as proud recipient mare.

Congratulations to Crown Reitponyzucht for this breeding success! We keep our fingers crossed for a successful future.

09/06/2017 - 111th embryoflush

This week the 111th embryo was flushed. 67 embryos were won - this is a rate of 60%. 77% of the transferred embryos have grown successfully. They will be born safe and sound in the next year, hopefully.