Embryotransfer - ET

The first successful transfer of equine embryos was reported in 1972; since then it has become the most widely used assisted reproductive technique in the mare to help the modern horse breeder to achieve his dream of a top-pedigree foal, particularly in high quality sport horses. ET is the process where, after breeding you valuable mare to a stallion of your choice, a 7-9 day old embryo is flushed out of a donor mare and transferred into a well synchronised recipient mare. The recipient mare carries the foal to term and nurtures the foal until weaning.

  • Applications of ET
  • Breeding foals from genetically superior mares wihout interrupting their competitive career
  • No risk of pregnancy and parturition in your donor mare
  • Producing multiple off-spring from one mare during one year by using the same or different stallions
  • Shortening the generation interval by breeding from 2 and 3 year old fillies
  • Breeding from your donor mare when she is in her prime and most likely to be reproductive fertile
  • Obtaining foals from mares that have non reproductive health problems and are incapable of carrying a pregnancy themselves (plevis fracture, prepubic tendon ruptre, severe lameness)
  • Producing foals from mares with reproductive problems that might compromise the growth and development of the foal (age-related endometrial degeneration, poor placentation, early embryonic loss)
  • Preserving the bloodline of a valuable mare before selling her in her prime, or sell well bred embryo transfer pregnancies or foals
  • To set up a gene pool

The embryo transfer programme, from start to finish, can be overseen by the Equine Reproductive Veterinary Practice Buchenhof Stud or if you prefer to keep you precious donor mare at home, by your veterinarian surgeon at home. Synchronising recipient mares can be sometimes a very challenging job, that demands a lot of skill and experience of the veterinary surgeon therefore good communication skills are deemed necessary between the horse owner, vet and the embry transfer centre.

VETART Ltd. can provide you with a carefully selected, reproductive sound recipient mare if you do not have a recipient mare of your own. Thanks to our recipient mare herd we are able to transfer all our recovered embryos straight after the flush and we do not need to send the embryos to Embryo Transfer Centres with large number of recipient mares. Ideally we need the ratio of two recipient mares per donor mare to make sure that we are able to synchronise your donor with the suitable recipient.

Under downloads you will find our detailed explanatory notes about embryo transfer in equines and the lease contract for pregnant recipient mare/s provided by VETART Ltd.