Holsteiner Verbandsstation – Dägeling

Farm manager: Tina Krüger (Master degree in Stud farm management)

Opening hours: Daily from 9:00 – 12:00 (Further appointments according to prior agreement)

Bordering the rich Holstein farmland Dägeling is situated in the middle of the most traditional breeding area of Holstein. Until 2001 the family of Mr Kitzman was running a successful stud, but the place was let to the Holstein Breeding Society when Mr Kitzman retired in 2002. Since then Dägeling became the largest AI Centre, which bred on the peak over 550 mares per season. Dägeling offers 30 stables, 12 ha paddocks (grass and sand) as well as a riding arena to keep mares during season. In 2012 the Equine reproductive Practice Buchenhof Stud  - Dr. Nicole Hoffmann and Michaela Kölling - is now running the facility in cooperation with the Holstein Breeding Association.

Boarding facilities

Stables: 30 internal barn stables for mares with foal at foot and barren mares.

Individual and group paddocks: During summer season mares are kept in groups on 12 ha paddocks (timber fenced) or on a daily turn out in individual sand paddocks. There is free and unlimited excess to hay even in summer.

Arena: 18x30m riding arena as an alternative turn out, especially when the weather is still bad early in season.

Feed: Alongside good quality hay (twice a day) mares get hard fed three times a day. If your mare needs additional feed, please let us know or bring it along and Mr Kampen will make sure that she gets it. The Stud reserves the right to raise livery charges to accommodate additional feed due to an individual mares requirements or adverse weather conditions.

Farrier: Please ensure mares arrive at stud without hind shoes (an exception may be made for mares being housed individually at the appropriate rate). Mares and foals will have their feet trimmed when necessary and any costs charged to the owner’s account. Any specific shoeing requirements must be notified to the Stud when the mare is booked in.

Worming: Mares and foals will be wormed regularly and the owner charged accordingly. Faecal samples will be taken if deemed necessary.

Boarding fees

  • Mares per day at grass: 10,00 € (+VAT)
  • Mares with foal at foot per day at grass: 12,00 € (+VAT)
  • Mares (with or without foal at foot) per day stabled: 15,00€ (+VAT) when requiring an individual paddock/or service

Documents to bring with your mare

Passport: It is a legal requirement that mares are accompanied to the stud with their passport. For horses born after 1stJuly 2009 regulations require horse passports to be linked to Microchip Identification; ‘the stud’ offers a micro chipping service. If section 9 of the passport is not signed, we reserve the right to sign this section if drugs are administered which requires this to be done. 

Equine Influenza/Tetanus & Herpes: It is highly recommended that all mares are up to date with vaccinations.

Swabs: If the mare has been swabbed already, please submit swab results at delivery (check in ‘terms and conditions of the Holstein Breeding Society’).

Individual information

To make sure that your mare feels at home at the AI centre, please let us know if there is anything we can do on top. If your mare has turn out boots and outdoor covers, please bring them along labelled. Is there anything your mare is a bit ‘funny’ about, please mention that at delivery, and we And we will do our best to accommodate her idiosyncrasies and individual needs.


Tina Krüger (Farm manager) - Hengststation Buchenhof, Buchenhof 2, 25578 Dägeling

phone: +49 4821 84892 fax: +49 4821 4083613 mobil: +49 176 27587821